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Raven Advisory LLC and Rigid Tactical Join Forces to Train EODGRU ONE

Fayetteville, N.C., Jan. 24, 2024 - Raven Advisory LLC and Rigid Tactical are proud to announce their strategic alliance to provide exceptional pre-deployment training for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group ONE, (EODGRU ONE.) This partnership combines Raven Advisory's expertise in institutional solutions with Rigid Tactical's extensive experience in EOD combat operations, aiming to elevate the capabilities of military personnel to new heights. 

The EODGRU ONE program is meticulously designed to ensure that EODGRU ONE operators and enablers can conduct integrated operations in various environments against a persistent enemy, operating safely, effectively, and seamlessly. 

“Raven Advisory is excited to team with Rigid Tactical to provide the most relevant and comprehensive combat skills training in the industry,” said Jeff Burmeister, VP of Operations at Raven Advisory LLC. “We understand our nation's warfighters must be prepared in any operational environment and against any threat and we are proud to provide this training to EODGRU ONE.” 


Raven Advisory is owned and operated by former Special Operations, Government Agencies, and Law Enforcement personnel who are committed to providing immersive scenario-based learning increasing lethality and survivability. 


"Our partnership with Raven Advisory marks a significant step in bolstering the combat skills and operational readiness of EODGRU ONE," said Reimund Baert, Director of Operations for Rigid Tactical. "We are committed to delivering a training program that exceeds the highest standards of excellence and efficiency.” 


Rigid Tactical is renowned for its specialized training services to elite units like NECC, NSW, and MARSOC. Raven Advisory complements this expertise with full-service instructional solutions for U.S. Armed Forces and federal agencies. 


The training focuses on combat skills fundamental to all interoperability training, encompassing current and evolving TTPs. It is geared to ensure EODGRU ONE's operators and enablers are fully prepared for deployment, enhancing their operational readiness and efficiency. 


The training package includes courses like Advanced Tactical Shooting, Small Unit Tactics, specialized driver training, and more. These courses are customizable to meet specific needs and are conducted at state-of-the-art facilities. 


This partnership reflects Rigid Tactical and Raven Advisory Group's unwavering commitment to excellence in military training. It underscores their dedication to preparing U.S. military personnel for the challenges of modern combat environments. 


For more information, please contact: 

special forces military training gryphon group maxton fort liberty bragg
special forces military training gryphon group maxton fort liberty bragg
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